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Define loyalty.

Have you ever missed a beat in the off-season of the NFL or NBA? I have. In fact, it was just a week or two ago when I fired up the laptop to dive into when I found out that I'd missed trades all over the place. Apparently the Dolphins had too much money to know what to do with, the Patriots brushed off Welker for Amendola, and Jake Long has cured the Rams offensive line struggles. Well, there was a bit more, but who has the time?

While I'm in a hurry to catch up with all the trade news I'd missed out on the past couple of days couple of days, it made me realize that nobody is loyal to anybody anymore. Although I am strongly against this, I do understand why.

I'm not going to sit behind my computer and say how players are greedy, and all that they're looking for is a quick buck. Even though that is the case for several players. The simple fact, and what some people forget (including myself), is that professional sports is a business. If you were to get offered more money to do the same job somewhere else, you would take it. There is no question. So when clubs like the Miami Dolphins are throwing money at players, millions of dollars, should we be surprised that they are taking it?

I am as upset as the next fan to see a loved player leave a franchise. Being a Phoenix Sun, and a St Louis Rams fan, I have seen players such as Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola leave. Players I have grown up to admire, taken away by the highest bidder.

It is a rough, competitive market. Teams want to win and players want money or championships, almost always both. It is as simple as that.

It is with this that fans, such as myself, find it harder and harder to attach themselves to players, not knowing if they will be there the following season.

Sam Bradford is my last sporting idol. Right now he is not the best quarterback, he isn't on the best team and he is yet to record a winning season. But I don't care. He is the Rams future, so I am to support him unconditionally. If Sam Bradford is to leave the Rams then I can no longer call myself a fan. Just a spectator. He is my last hope at convincing me there is still loyalty in sport.

Loyalty is a rare quality for current athletes, and is something that should be cherished as a fan. Never underestimate loyalty, you just never know when we could see the last of it.