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Broncos, Patriots sudden rivalry set to explode

Is anyone else excited about this? It's going to be a fun game. The Denver Broncos, led by manning, are set to march into Foxboro stadium to face Brady and the New England Patriots. Already one of the greatest quarterback rivalries in NFL history, the Brady-Manning show will take center stage once more. However this time it will be met with two vicious sub-plots.

1, The Patriots mistreatment of Welker

2, The Welker-Amendola comparisons

A lot of mixed opinions in regards to the Danny Amendola and Wes Welker's trade have swirled throughout the NFL community. Most of which I have found to be against the way the Patriots had conducted themselves. There is also a general view that the Broncos have the better player.

While I am completely against the way that the Welker had been treated towards the end of his time in New England, I can't help but feel that Brady and the Patriots got the best of this deal. The Patriots are expected to pay Amendola $31 million over a 5 year contract, with $10 million guaranteed. This is a risky deal considering the fact that Amendola has had an injury riddled career during his time as a St. Louis Ram. But if he could stay healthy, and form a relationship with Brady, I feel that Amendola will not only match, but greatly exceed the effect Welker had in New England.

Consistency and durability is key. If Amendola can manage this throughout the 2013-14 season, as well as put up the figures fans and coaches are expecting, Welker will soon become an afterthought.

What i can't wait to see is the two slot receivers going head to head. Look at it however you want, but Amendola in this match-up (whether he wins or loses) could shape his identity in New England. As for Welker, beating Amendola in front of a New England crowd could be his ultimate revenge after the mistreatment the Patriots dealt him during this off season, leaving fans wondering why they had ever gotten rid of the receiver they had grown to love.

I know it's early, but this has game of the year potential written all over it. Get excited for this one.