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Quit mocking me

The 2013 draft is next on the NFL's 'to do list'. With the newest talent springing out of college and onto professional teams radars, mock drafts have surfaced all over the internet in an attempt to inform fans where each player could potentially end up.

I partially appreciate what mock drafts do. They are very informative as to what teams need, as well as players that could be an option to fill that need. And also I don't usually watch college football if I have a choice, so mock drafts are a fantastic way for me to acquaint myself with the up and coming pool of talent. 

But besides that, they really are a waste of time.

I apologize to all mock draft enthusiasts out there, but it is true. Rule out the first few picks in the draft, maybe picks 1-5, and you have nothing short of a guessing game the whole day. And the only reason mock drafts are accurate with the first few picks is because franchises have made it clear who they want.

Last season I feasted on mock drafts prior to the draft (the rams had the 6th pick so i made it my priority to focus). Boy did I waste my time. Not only did the rams not get any of the players that were projected to fall for them, but they decided to trade their pick. The Rams fell to 14th after a trade with Dallas and ended up selecting Michael Brockers, making everything i had read for the month leading up to the day irrelevant.

To this day I am not sure what had been more devastating, the fact we missed out on Blackmon, or the realization that I had wasted so many hours of my life sifting through mock drafts only to realize not one was even close to being right.

But how are people who create mock drafts supposed to predict the randomness on draft day you ask? It's simple. You don't.

No one will ever be able to provide an accurate mock draft. It's impossible. So why do people persist on making them? I hope you are not expecting an answer to that. I'm about as clueless as the infamous replacement ref who allowed Wilson to throw a game winning interception... I'm probably a bit slow to make a joke out of that whole situation... yeah, way to slow. What was I talking about? Oh right, mock drafts.

Don't waste your time.