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Weekly lesson

After very little thought, I've decided that I'm going to post a weekly blog regarding one thing about sport that i have learnt during the week.

here's what I have this week:

Streaking is in

Moneyball. Ever since that movie, has anyone else realised that sports teams have wanted to get on ridiculous winning streaks?

Okay, so maybe there is no relation. But I can't help but hear about all the streaks that are taking place in the NBA and NHL.

The Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Blackhawks, and currently, the Pittsburgh Penguins, have all been teams (in this season alone) that have put forth very impressive win streaks.

However, the Blackhawks and Heat gained the most attention around their respective leagues in regards to their streaks.

Miami's streak ended just a few days ago with a loss to the Chicago Bulls, snapping their 27 game winning streak (just six wins short of the all time record 33 wins by the 71-72 Lakers).

The Blackhawks record fell as the Avalanche put an end to the 24 game point-streak that was all the talk in the NHL.

Streaks are fascinating to keep track of, especially when they have the potential to break league records. But the sudden bombardment of long winning streaks dominating leagues has left me wondering which streak I should be following.

I'm not too sure why all of a sudden streaking is the cool thing to do. Even the Charlotte Bobcats have picked up the trend. Someone should probably tell them its a bit cooler to have a winning steak though.