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Australian Rules Football: Give it a chance

Many people here may have never heard, or even refuse to acknowledge Australian Rules Football (AFL). It is a diverse game covering various attributes needed by athletes to play the sport such as stamina, endurance, dexterity, strength and most importantly skill.

Rejected from most of the world, the physical hard hitting nature of the AFL has been admired within Australia. It is our national sport, and we are proud of it (unlike cricket at the moment).

It is a hard game to pick up right off the bat. It will take time. The AFL can be confusing at first with the constant movement and continuous free flowing nature of the game, unlike that of American Football. But it's well worth the time you put in.

18 teams across Australia (excluding Tasmania) play a 23 round season throughout the year where the top 8 teams with the best record advance to the finals, with their shot at winning the premiership in the month of September.

Personally, the AFL is my third favourite sport behind the NFL and NBA. But I do love the sport don't get me wrong. I follow the North Melbourne Kangaroos, a team on the improve after numerous struggling seasons. I am very passionate about my team, as nearly all Australian's are about theirs.

If the game sounds like it could be of interest, or you are at all sceptical of the sport, please check out the youtube link below. It represents the AFL beautifully.

I strongly urge you not to compare the AFL to any other sport you have seen. It is not the same. The AFL is a one of a kind sport, having some of the most unique features the sporting world has ever seen. It is nothing like the NFL, despite the fact that several comparisons can be made. All I can really say is watch the sport. It is unbelievably hard to explain. But i promise it will be worth it.