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Ty-rrific season for Lawson

Ty Lawson has had an incredible 2012-13 season. He has been the leader of the Denver Nuggets' fast-paced offence throughout the year, injecting lethal basketball speed at the point guard position.

Lawson is both a scorer, and a passer when it comes to offence. He gets the ball into the paint consistently which attributes to the Nuggets ridiculous domination of points in the paint.

Lawson has also added a key feature to his game that NBA analysts have heavily criticised the Nuggets for lacking. He is the Nuggets go-to-guy in the clutch.

He has hit several game winners this season (including one against OKC) as well as countless free throws and late shots to seal games.

Lawson is quickly becoming one of the best point guards in the game without question. This was most evident throughout the streak.

When the Nuggets were hot, Lawson was hot. Much of the streak was attributed to the fast-paced attack Lawson administered each given night.

However, it was when Lawson struck an injury concern that Denver looked its most vulnerable. The first game he missed, the Nuggets escaped with a home win against the woeful 76ers. The second night he missed, the Hornets dismantled the Nuggets, out-scoring the Nuggets with points in the paint (only the third time to happen this season) and ending the 15 game winning streak that the nuggets had built.

Lawson has a more than capable back up in Andre Miller, but Miller just simply cant play at the same level Lawson can. He is not quick enough. This says a lot about how valuable Lawson is as a player.

Lawson is currently out with a plantar fascia tear in his right foot. It's a frustrating injury for the Nuggets, but one they are going to have to work around if they want to take out that third seed.