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NBA finals betting

Now I live in Australia, so I am not at all sure how sport betting works in the United States. So I'm just going off TAB sports bet odds (Australian odds) throughout this blog.

With the finals right around the corner, now is the time to get your finals bets on. I was fortunate enough to chuck a sneaky $5 on the Denver Nuggets at the halfway point of the season at $51 odds ($255 return), but odds like this aren't as common so late in the season. Here are the 4 teams I'd be considering with the finals around the corner.

Miami Heat - $2.00 odds

This is a bet where you really have to sit back and wonder "is this really worth the risk?"

Short answer. Yes.

The heat should dominate the Eastern Conference in the finals this season. They are just too good. Miami are a great chance to double up your cash, but it is only really worth it if you are willing to place a sizeable bet on them.

San Antonio - $7.50 odds

I do like these odds. The Western Conference leading Spurs look to head into the finals as the number 1 seed. However, unlike Miami, they wont be so dominate. The west is ridiculously tough this season, with huge threats coming from each seed within the division.

But, despite this, the Spurs are always going to be in the top two toughest match ups in the NBA, and a team nobody wants to face in the finals. Look for the spurs to make a deep run in the playoffs, and possibly a finals berth.

Indiana Pacers - $21 odds

Here is the only team in the east that i can see challenging the Heat (I don't reckon the Knicks could take them in 7 games). They have the big men to really frustrate Miami on the boards which has been proven to be Miami's kryptonite.

If the Pacers could pull off a series win against Miami (given that they do in fact play each other), then finals basketball is a real possibility. The odds are very, very tempting.

Denver Nuggets - $21 odds

I love the Nuggets right now. Love them. Lawson is electrifying to watch, Mcgee is always exciting, and Denver, as a team, is just fast. Pure speed. It's this speed that separates them from every team in the NBA.

The Nuggets are one of the biggest threats to any and every team in the finals. $21 odds is outstanding. I would get on it while I still could.

I have $5 on the Nuggets at $51 odds as mentioned earlier, as well as $20 on Indiana at $26 odds (another earlier bet). They are the teams I personally like heading into the finals who also have pretty amazing odds. But that's just me, would love to hear who you guys are liking heading into the playoffs.