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NFC West predictions

Arizona Cardinals: 5-11 (2-6 home, 3-5 away)

They are the weakest team in the west.

Preseason is key for the Cardinals. They are a far better then a 5-11 record. Their defence is one of the best in my eyes, it's just their offence that is beyond terrible. If they can sort out their issues with the draft then we could see an instantly better Cardinals unit. But only time will tell.

St. Louis Rams: 8-8 (5-3 home, 3-5 away)

A winning record!

Okay, just before anything, I haven't been biased when predicting that Rams 2013 season. Bradford will finally have his breakout season, leading the rams to their first winning record in what feels like 100 years. Happy times for Rams fans.

San Francisco 49ers: 14-2 (7-1 home, 7-1 away)

Here is the best team in football.

They are set to have an unreal 2013 season, which isn't much of a surprise to anybody. Already early Superbowl favourites, the 49ers will be dominant throughout the year.

Seattle Seahawks: 13-3 (8-0 home, 5-3 away)

There is no place like home.

The Seahawks and 49ers dominate the West. And Seattle are perfect at home. Wilson has one of the best receivers in Percy Harvin so an already good team becomes even better. Look for the Seahawks to make it deep into the playoffs, and possibly to the Superbowl.