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AFC East predictions

Buffalo Bills: 5-11 (3-5 home, 2-6 away)

The Bills just can't get it right.

It seems the Bills are always on the losing end in this division. Fitzpatrick hasn't done them any favours either. Give them another year, the Bills will get better soon.

New England Patriots: 13-3 (7-1 home, 6-2 away)

The same old Winning Patriots.

Brady will dominate with Amendola in the slot,the they will sweep the division, and the Patriots make the AFC championship game again. Its all standard stuff. Question: Can somebody tell me the last time the Patriots had a losing record at the end of a season? I'm very curious to know.

Miami Dolphins: 9-7 (5-3 home, 4-4 away)

Looks like all that cash is going to pay off in the long run.

The dolphins are going to be a solid team in 2013 and prove to be one of the more difficult franchises to play against.

New York Jets: 4-12 (2-6 home, 2-6 away)

It's the Jets. I can't even be bothered explaining.