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NBA scoring title: Durant on Melo?

When I first looked at this I thought; simple, Kevin Durant. He is the better scorer. Then I actually thought about it.

Carmelo is playing on another level right now, draining 40 points all over the place, which has currently found him sitting in front of Durant in the scoring title lead. And you know what? Durant doesn't care.

There is a key difference between Carmelo and Durant. Durant wants to win, Carmelo wants to score.

Everyone has seen Durant's game lift to another level this season. He is grabbing boards, dishing the ball and scoring at a dangerously efficient rate. Carmelo is the same old Carmelo. All he wants is points. 

While I love that about Carmelo, it's left me thinking how self-centered he is as a player. Durant is willing to get better with every part of his game, and if that means passing more, he will pass. Carmelo will not.

Carmelo is a pure shooter, one of the best in the game. He will win the scoring title because he wants to win the scoring title. Durant just wants to win games. This will separate not only the two players, but the two teams come finals time.

One off night for Carmelo and the Knicks will suffer. One off night for Durant and he will find his team mates instead. That's why OKC are such a better team, because they are a team.

Carmelo will win the scoring title with ease late in the season, but who really cares? I'm more impressed with Durant's ability to be a team player despite the fact he could take all the shots every given night.